Activity: gardening/agriculture
TG: drug users


The organisation

The PROI association has existed for over 13 years and during this period it has realised numerous programmes and projects related to social inclusion, employment, education and training for socially marginalised groups such as intravenous drug users and sex workers. Their work has made the PROI association an acknowledged and reputable NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of social inclusion and work integration.

Project "Youth employment through social partnership" is the response to the problems of social exclusion, unemployment and poverty in Bosnia and Herzegovina asone of the poorestcountries in Europe. On the basisof relevant dataandresearch, more than 87% of the members of socially marginalised groups are directly affected by these problems. This project is the first and only example of such a project that treats ​​social inclusion and employment of socially marginalised groups in B&H based on innovative ideas: creative gardening, horticulture and arrangement of public areas, based on social partnership and social entrepreneurship. The target group are injecting drug users and sex workers from urban areas without employment and basic non-formal education.

In this project, they implemented initial activities aimed at basic education and training of target group members, in which they learned to write a CV and motivation letter, how to apply for a job and the basics of a culture of dialogue and adequate manner. In these activities, there were over 140 former and current injection drug users and sex workers. After that, the best, most persistentandmost interested 25 members of the target group were educated theoretically and practically and trained in creative gardening, horticulture and arrangement of public areas.This project also included 35 people as representatives of relevant government agencies and employers as support and necessary assistance in the establishment of social partnership.


Based on established social partnerships between Association PROI and relevant social partners, the employment of 11 participants has been ensured in sectors of production and social partners with jobs in creative gardening and horticulture. The employment has provided motivation and enthusiasm, better and easier social inclusion of target group members and general social benefits to the local community. Due to the high demand for this kind of work, where is no strong competition in the market offers. Social entrepreneurship in this business area is justified and economically profitable, with socially marginalised groups as main employees.


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