statement3In order to include the target group perspective in your Work Integration Programme (WIP), first you need to define the target group clearly, namely by answering the following questions:

  • Who will be receiving our services?
  • Who are we hoping our programme will affect?
  • How many people will be included?
  • How will they be recruited?
  • Where are the participants going to come from?
  • What is our relationship with the individuals and organisations who refer them?
  • If they apply independently, how do they hear about us?
  • How will we keep them committed to our programme?

Different groups typically require different engagement strategies. For example:

  • For the homeless, housing is a priority when it comes to influencing their motivation to engage in WIPs
  • Former or current drug users need careful health and social support to ensure they are stable and prepared for work
  • With regard to ex-offenders, it is important to work with them prior and after the release date, knowing that the first day out is crucial

No matter your level of practical experience or the amount of research and analysis you have conducted previously you will definitely benefit from includingthe perspective of the target group participants. If there is a significant gap between your perspective and that of the target group participants, the success of your venture is in serious jeopardy.