Organisational capacities refer to the physical assets, human resources and social networks an organisation has to find and sustainably set in motion in order to carry out a Work Integration Programme (WIP).

Physical assets of your organisation refer to premises and equipment (computers, printers, etc.), which are crucial to carrying out the WIP.

Regarding human resources there are several things to take into account:

  • Expertise needed for the programme planning, implementation, and evaluation (fundraising, entrepreneurship, commercial and marketing skills, management, sustainability)
  • Capacities to deal with the target group and build relationships with key members of the community (training and work integration, non-formal education, participation, community intervention, social work, negotiation with potential employers)
  • Conditions which are crucial for the success of the WIP (board of directors who understand and support the programme, enthusiastic and effective leadership, strong staff commitment to the programme, and consistent team work)
  • Social networks are also important. A collaborative, mutually supportive, reciprocity-based approach is decisive in maximising your organisation’s potential and results. WIPs need to actively develop social networks between target group participants, employers, social support systems, public agencies and other relevant stakeholders. This is instrumental to increasing the employability and the social reintegration of the target group participants.