statement4To get things going you will need to establish rapport and set up partnerships with a range of individuals and institutions, including:

  • Social support services
  • Education and training services  
  • Health services
  • Local authorities
  • Local employers
  • Suppliers and business associates
  • Universities
  • Local community

You will need to be attentive and responsive to your environment. It is important to find partners that are close to the target groups envisaged by your programme, or somehow sensitive to their needs. Your social networks offer knowledge on and grant access to potential associates.

Remember: the direction of the WIP needs to be negotiated with your partners. Negotiate cooperatively, trying to maximize both your interests and those of the partners. While you should do your best to persuade them of the relevance and feasibility of your project, you will also do well to actively listen to, and learn from them. For example, in order to guarantee effectiveness, WIPs need to listen to employers’ needs; This will enable understanding which skills are being demanded in the labour market, assuring that employers are motivated and suitable to integrate vulnerable persons as employees, and provide support in the workplace.